Monday, April 7, 2008

More Birthday Pictures

The Grill

Funniest/Embarrassing Moment:

When we reserved the pavilion for the party, we were told that we could use the grills out there as long as we brought our own charcoal. Well, the problem was the grills were way across the pond, no where near the pavilion. Clint said, "No problem. We'll just go back home and bring our grill up here." Problem: Our grill is falling apart. We haven't bought a new one because we didn't want to have to move it to Louisiana. We were just waiting until we moved to buy one. Reluctantly, Jenn and I went back to the house to get the grill. I was wincing as they set it up. You see, the grill doesn't even have a bottom to it. Clint rigged up a piece of wire mesh to hold the charcoal in the bottom. Because of the heat coming through the mesh, the back legs were starting to rot off. Well, the guys got the hamburgers made and were working on the hot dogs when we all heard a "crash." You guessed it...the grill had literally fallen apart. Hot dogs everywhere. Total disaster and complete embarrassment. They finished off the meat by setting the grill on the ground. Clint and Grandaddy hauled the grill to the dump on our way back home.

Happy Birthday Jack!

We had a great time at Jack's birthday party! We had a party out at Dorman Lake on the National Wildlife Refuge. Several friends and family members came and we even had a surprise visit from my grandparents! Jack had a wonderful time eating cake and opening presents and showing off for everyone at the party. It was such a special weekend for Clint and me and we were so glad to share it with you!

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