Monday, July 28, 2008

Night, Night Jack!

Clint put Jack down the other night while I went to the grocery store. They made me a video of Jack saying his favorite words. Precious!!
Jack now says:
Puppy (his favorite)
Bye Bye
Bird (and he always points up when he says it!)
Wa (for water)
Thank You
Eat (when he's hungry he goes to the pantry door and says "eat eat")

We have really enjoyed teaching him new words and seeing him figure out what they mean!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Duck for Cover!!

Jack and I are soaking up the last bits of summer!! Next week I am starting full-time and starting Jack in daycare full-time. I don't have to start until Aug 6th, but I feel overwhelmed with all the planning I need to do and it's hard to get anything done with Jack running around :) So, this week we are doing everything fun we can find in Alexandria!! Monday Laura and Bob came up for the day. Laura gave me a fabulous new haircut and Bob was so great playing with Jack! Yesterday we went to Petsmart and looked at all the birds, fish, and kittens and then went to McDonald's for an ice cream cone and the playland.

Today on our "fun list" was to go to the Horseshoe Baptist Church parking lot. Why? They have ducks everywhere!! There's a pond that runs in front of some really nice houses and I guess the residents enjoy looking out of their homes and seeing the ducks peacefully swimming in the water.

Well, there is nothing peaceful about these ducks!! They RAN to the car to greet us because they knew we had bread. Most of the ducks were as tall as Jack and were really mean! Jack got the hang of throwing bread to them and they would all crowd around and fight over the bread. It really was hilarious.

Sorry the pictures aren't that great. Every time I let go of Jack's hand he would run to the water to try to swim with the ducks!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun with Daddy

Clint and Jack spent Sunday afternoon together. They had a great "Dad and Son" day! They watched a little baseball and went to the mall to the baby playland. When I came home from grocery shopping, I found that they had taken the leaves to the kitchen table and propped them up with a chair and were letting cars and trucks fly down into the fireplace! Jack thought this was SO much fun. Clint is such a great dad. Jack always has fun when Clint's around!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Baby Cousin Jude!

On our way to Colorado we stopped in Fort Worth and saw our new nephew, Jude! He is such a perfect baby and Noah is so proud to be a big brother. Noah loved showing Jack all of his toys and Jack was very interested in watching Noah do everything! I cannot wait to get all three of the boys back together again.

Family Vacation, Part 2

Jack got a black eye from playing in the rocks. Many more the come I'm sure...

My only fish from our day of hiking and fishing together!

Jack helping paint the cabin

Family Vacation

This past week my mom, Clint, Jack, and I set out for Colorado to visit my grandparents. We had a wonderful time hiking, fishing, and eating fantastic food.
The first couple of days Clint helped Grandaddy paint the cabin. Jack had a great time "helping" them paint. On Sunday morning and all day Tuesday Clint and I hiked and fished together. My mom and KayeGranny were kind enought to keep Jack, and Clint and I enjoyed some great time together. Thursday Clint and my grandaddy went hiking and fishing and my mom, KayeGranny, and I went to Lake City and shopped. Friday we went to the Creede 4th of July parade and we came home Saturday and Sunday. We had a great week!!

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