Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bridal Shower!

Friday afternoon we had Sara's lingerie shower here at the house. We had so much fun eating and laughing! Sara and Terry will be getting married May 23rd. Just three and a half weeks away! I'm so blessed to have wonderful sisters and sisters-in-law!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Deep and Wide

Jack loves songs and is starting to understand how to sing. He loves the song "Deep and Wide" and has been singing it all day today!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Can you believe it?? Night #2...here we come!

Weekend in Arkansas

We took a quick trip to my grandparents in Rogers, Arkansas this weekend. We picked up a gun cabinet that was my father's and a half-church pew. We were so excited to get these two great pieces of history! I didn't do a good job of taking pictures while we were there, but Clint took a picture of Jack and Grandaddy (Jack calls him Dean) at the fish hatchery. The Burns family came over Friday night for gumbo and helped load the furniture in the truck. Jack had a great time playing with Aunt Tricia!

Powerful Video

Drawn from Water from Drawn From Water on Vimeo.

Don't we take for granted our homes, our families, our society, our churches, our friends...I could go on and on. Take the time to watch this video. I wouldn't post it if I didn't think it was worthwhile. This orphanage was just started two months ago and already has 10 children.

Visit the website at:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Celebration!

We had an Easter celebration yesterday for two reasons. The first reason we celebrated was because our Lord has risen again! It seems to me that every year that becomes more and more precious to me. It is because of Him that we live and will live in eternity. To God be the glory!
It was a true celebration at Calvary Baptist Church. Many, many visitors from all walks of Alexandria came together to worship the Lord, many for the very first time!

Our second celebration was for Jack's second birthday party! I decided just to have a low-key family party yesterday. My mom, Laura, Jenn and Drew, Laura's roommate Jessie, Terry, Sarah, Mrs. DeDe and Mrs. Iles came for lunch, cake and presents. Jack got many wonderful presents, but his favorite so far is the bubble mower. We're already out of bubbles!! Thanks, Laura!

The tables ready for guests!

Jack really wanted to wear his cowboy hat while opening gifts.

The bubble mower!
My mom got Jack a slide. He loves it!

The wonderful cake that I did not make.

Two years old!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Tradition

Jack was born the day before Easter. That Tuesday, four days before he was born, I went to the doctor and he said that I wouldn't have the baby in the next week and they would schedule to induce. He said just to go on about life as normal. So I did! That Friday, which was Good Friday, my friend Leanne and I potted plants on our front porches. By 4:00 that evening I became overwhelmed with fatigue!! I was at the hospital by 8:00 and Jack came at 2:22 in the morning! So, I've made it a tradition that on Good Friday Jack and I will pot plants together. This morning we loaded up in the Explorer and took off for Lowe's! We had a wonderful time searching for the perfect pots and flowers for the front porch. Here's our end result!!

Just the Three of Us

Tuesday we had a little birthday celebration with just the three of us. We had Jack's presents set out on the kitchen table when he got up, we ate cinnamon rolls, then after school we ate at Chuck E. Cheese. A very fun day!

Presents on the table when he woke up.
Decked out in his cowboy outfit

Riding the cars at Chuck E. Cheese

Two Years Old!

I cannot believe my little Jack is two years old. He has grown into a very fun boy who I love to be around. Sunday we're having his birthday party, so I'll post more pictures then. For now....here's a recap of the past two years!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Precious Boy

Tomorrow is Jack's birthday! (Look for another post tomorrow evening) His birthday party is on Easter Sunday. We're going to have a lunch and small family party afterwards. I'm so excited about cooking and decorating the table for Easter! Part of the decorations will have Jack's picture, so my goal for today was to get a nice picture of Jack that I could get prints of. I got a few, but overall it didn't go so well...

Well, actually I love this picture, but he still has orange popsicle residue on his face. I may print it out anyway, because it really captures the two-year-old boy that he is.

This one is cute.

Jack fell down and broke his crown.

This is his thoughtful face.

And here are some baby birds we discovered in the geranium pot! I think they were hatched today. I found them when I was watering and I really hope I didn't hurt them!!

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